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A cooperative system may be defined as combination of technologies, human beings and organizations which is supporting their communication and coordination in order to contribute to the efficient realization of their joint objectives.
Since 2013, the Research Group Cooperative Systems (COSY), headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Reichl, focuses on the investigation of such distributed systems in the area of ICT from an explicitly holistic perspective which addresses technological issues together with related economic and user-centric aspects.

The resulting interdisciplinary research area is based on solid knowhow about future architectures, communication protocols and distributed algorithms, including their technical and user-centric performance evaluation, but at the same time aims at integrating the perspective of computer science with neighboring disciplines from economics, human and social sciences.
Currently, the research group is deliberately focussing on related topics in telecommunications, and especially around the Internet which currently represents the cooperative system par excellence.

This explicitly interdisciplinary approach results in the investigation of multi-faceted research questions, including:

  • Subjective Service Quality
  • Usable Security
  • Culture over IP

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Das Internet einmal abschalten und nachdenken [APA Dossier]

Prof. Peter Reichl im Interview zum aktuellen APA Dossier "Der digitale Mensch". Gleich nachlesen!

Rückblick: Konversatorium mit Douglas Hofstadter

Am 13. Oktober 2017 konnten interessierte ForscherInnen und Studierende , ergänzend zum CS-Colloquium, in einem Konversatorium weiterführende Fragestellungen mit...

WURSTel 2017

Am 29. Juni fand wieder das Wiener Usability Research Symposium in Telecommunications, kurz WURSTel statt. Veranstaltet wurde das Event samt COSY-Lab-Führung von der...

Vom "Internet of Things" zum "Internet of People"

Der Siegeszug des Internets brachte viele Vorteile, aber auch gravierende Gefahren. Univ.-Prof. Peter Reichl (Forschungsgrupppe COSY) in uni:view-Interview!

Waves Vienna Music Hackday 2016

Am 1.10. fand wieder der Music Hackday statt. Mitorganisiert wurde dieser von Dr. Oliver Hödl (COSY). Ö1 war mit dabei. Radiobeitrag nachhören...

Auszeichnung für COSY-Projekt

Das Projekt "QuEEN" der Forschungsgruppe COSY wurden mit dem "Celtic-Plus Excellence Award for Services and Applications" ausgezeichnet. Die Fakultät gratuliert!